India was introduced to the internet in the early 90’s and since then the country never looked back. The boon of the internet has touched every industrial and economic sector of the country and as a result, stock broking has gone a long way from the traditional method of offline broking to online broking since the year 2002.

As per the research done in 2007, which was published in the Indian Journal of Marketing, there is no denying the fact that online broking has offered the Indian investors a lot of conveniences to trade their financial instruments with a minimum cost. But till date, not all investors have realized the importance of using the internet for stock broking. Despite the online stock exchanges increased from 7 to 23 till 2011, only 2 exchanges offer the online trading facility at present.

Growth of Internet Trading

online share trading in india

How to start investing in stocks online?

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    Find online broker

    Do your own research or take recommendations from friends and find a good online broker.

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    Open a trading account

    To open a brokerage account fill up an account application, submit the required documents, and choose how you want to fund the account.

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    Select stocks

    Go through the companies’ fundamental and technical reports by yourself or take help of an advisory service offered by a broker in order to analyze the best stock.

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    Start trading

    Once you are done with opening a trading account and selecting stocks, start trading online.

Tips for online stock broking

  • Choose a broker carefully

    Select an online broker that has all three trading platforms – software-base, web-based, and mobile.

  • Make sure that your trading methods work in all markets

    The stock market can go down too, not just a few days but for months and years. Use an online stock trading method that can take an advantage when the market is up as well as down.

  • Keep monitoring trading activity

    As an online trader, you should have an access to monitor your trading activities anytime and from anywhere in order to determine when to buy and sell stocks.

  • Do your research well

    Do an extensive research and gather as much information as possible about a stock for having a maximum chance to earn profit.